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Skyray XRF Sales

Jul. 2017: Exxon Mobil signs a contract for multiple XRF handheld devices for material analysis.

New Handheld XRF Analyser: The Explorer

Nov. 2016: Optech starts the supply of the latest handheld XRF analyser in the Skyray range. The new analyser, The “Explorer” boasts far superior performance over all previous handheld devices coming in four basic models: for RoHS, PMI/Alloys and Precious metals, Mining/minerals and Soils analysis.

Skyray XRF Sales

Jul. 2016: Exeter University purchase multiple handheld XRF units.

Skyray XRF sales

Aug. 2015 Draper Tools agrees the purchase of a Skyray XRF instrument for product quality control.

WDX sales in the UK

Jul. 2015: Optech Solutions agrees the sale of WDX400 wavelength Dispersive XRF analyser in the UK.

Solid State Laser Diode Upgrades

Oct. 2013: Optech Solutions completes diode upgrade at Pitsexpert in Taiwan.

Skyray XRF Sales

Jul. 2013: Optech Solutions completes sale of Genius handheld XRF to GPD for the analysis of catalytic convertor materials.

Sales of the Genius Handheld XRF in the UK

Dec. 2011: Optech confirms it's first sales of the new Genius Handheld XRF analyser in the UK.

Skyray EDX1800B

Dec. 2011: Optech Solutions expands it's product range in XRF systems.

Sales of Pulstec BD Testers in the UK

Nov. 2011: Optech confirms the contract for a significant number of Pulstec BD Master Blu-ray testers for a major Blu-ray disc manufacturer in the UK.

Skyray Sales in the UK

Optech has won a significant number of sales.

Genius Handheld XRF

Jul. 2011: Skyray release the Genius Handheld XRF Analyser.