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EDX 3000 Professional Precious Metals Analyser


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The EDX3000 precious metals analyser has been developed incorporating a number of technologies improving measurement performance. The EDX3000 has an electronically cooled Si-PIN semiconductor detector and Skyray’s patented Signal-to-Noise Enhancer greatly improving accuracy and stability of the measurement. It also contains an in-built high resolution camera for sample inspection and a powerful software suite enabling detailed analysis.

Si-PIN Semiconductor Detector

Patented Signal-to-Noise Enhancer.

High Resolution camera enabling sample inspection at any time.

Elements:                  Analysis of up to 24 simultaneously.

Analysis Range:         1 ppm - 99.99%.

Analysis Accuracy:     0.05 % (main element content >96 %

Energy Resolution:     155±5 eV.

Manual lift platform

Dimensions:               450 x 450 x 360 mm

Sample Chamber:       300 x 250 x 160 mm

Weight:                      30 Kg

EDX 3000 Specifications

Instrument UK

Analyser Software Simple User Interface Clear Presentation of Results including Carat and Easy Report Printing