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Founded in 1989 Xiris is a high end provider of vision and inspection systems for the automated quality control in the Printing and Packaging industries within the Optical Disc business. Xiris has a well established global customer base and offers an extensive global support network with it's partners. December 2009, Xiris acquired the intellectual property rights and all assets associated with the Optical Media division of Basler AG further increasing their market share and product range.

Attention Former Basler Customers
Xiris has assumed all aspects of Sales and Service of the Basler:

Please contact Optech Solutions for Sales, Spare Parts or Servicing.

Xiris offers a variety of very compact, fast, reliable and flexible inspection solutions to qualify even the most colourful and finest detailed of images printed on pre-recorded or recordable media. The systems integrate into most of today's printers (screen, offset and digital). The hardware design and advanced software algorithms allow for superior performance and defect detection. Systems incorporate a user friendly graphical interface and powerful analytical tools.

Print inspection can be combined with Ident code verification to provide a more comprehensive and robust product qualification. more ...

The ident code reader is an essential tool to control, verify and automate work flow in both the printing and packaging of discs. This reduces human factors and error and helps ensure orders are correctly identified and are printed with the right graphics and packaged accordingly. The ID2500 is the most advanced verification system from Xiris. The camera unit has been designed to allow easy integration into disc packaging and printing machines either from the bottom mounted with centring pin, or top mounted to verify the disc's code from the label side. more ...

The Disc Orientation System ensures discs are correctly and consistently aligned with the packaging when inserted into the sleeve or box. Benefits include:

More ...

Xiris Optical Disc Print Inspection SYstem

Some features include:

The system includes one or more camera units, a choice of panel mount or rack mount PC plus TFT monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Xiris Product Ident Code Inspection System


Print Inspection Systems

Xiris offers a range a testing tools and services.

PI 1600

PI 2000

Product Ident Code Inspection

Disc Orientation System