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Skyray XRF Analysers

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  Professional RoHS          EDX2800,   EDX1800B

  Full -Element                   EDX3600B,  EDX3600H,  EDX6000B

  Plating Thickness            Thick 800A

  Wavelength Dispersive   WDX Series

  Plasma Spectroscopy     ICP 2000



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A new generation, the leader of handheld XRF

Based on 20 years of x-ray fluorescence spectrometer research and development, the EXPLORER is the fifth generation and most advanced handheld XRF analyser. The EXPLORER is the result of bringing together many Independent Property Rights incorporating the latest developments in photoelectron systems, microelectronics, multi-channel technologies and software analysis algorithms. The EXPLORER series is the first to use a large high-resolution LCD screen. The new digital signal processor; with lower detection limits and higher stability now make the handheld as good as the desktop analyser.

The EXPLORER features the newest intelligent software making it as easy to use as an everyday appliance, The new software simplifies the operation and user interface enabling users to learn how to operate within minutes. The intellectualised software is used across all applications and up to 5 software databases can be configured on one analyser. Switching between databases can be easily and quickly performed at the click of a button.

Software Options:

Some key features include:

Instrument UK

Some key features include:

Main screen and camera image

Simplified testing screen


Adjustable LCD display

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Explorer 3000 RoHS Hazardous Element Analyser

Explorer 5000 Alloy/PMI Analyser

Explorer 7000 Mining/Minerals Analyser

Explorer 9000 Heavy Metals in Soil Analyser

Explorer Video Demonstration (When playing click options for fullscreen & higher definition)